When applying for health insurance, dental and vision are usually two essential parts of your health insurance coverage that are needed to keep you and your family healthy. However, choosing a health insurance plan can be overwhelming with the number of options you have to choose from these days. We’re here to help!

Dental and vision insurance are great to have because it’s never a happy surprise when you’re in need of an emergency root canal or new glasses, and the bill you’re hit with is much higher than you thought. These are the instances where having dental and vision insurance plans will have your back to save the day… and your wallet. Plus, it is usually best not to wait until you have problems like these, but to go in for annual checks to catch potential health issues before they become serious. Preventative care check-ups are usually covered when you have insurance.

Tips on how to choose the best dental and vision plans:

  • Do not miss open enrollment!
  • Review the different costs of each plan you’re eligible for to see what is in your budget
  • Determine whether you’re most comfortable with an HMO or PPO plan
  • Review the coverage limits of the plan(s) you select; different plans may vary from just covering routine dental and vision services for early detection to more extensive care for treating serious health problems
  • Review a list of the in-network doctors for your plan to see whether or not you can go to the dentist or optometrist you prefer

It is important to have both dental and vision coverage for you and your family because issues can pop up either related to your dental or vision health out of the blue, and can end up being extremely expensive to have taken care of by a professional.

Give us a call today if you have any questions or need help picking a plan!