Vacations are expensive — between flights, hotels, food budgets, and planned tourist destinations, your wallet will definitely take a hit. It’s no wonder that you might see travel insurance as an unnecessary expense. Nothing will go wrong, after all, right?

Think again. Apocalyptic scenarios can ruin your vacation as well as your budget if you don’t have travel insurance, sure, but even minor annoyances can easily do the same.

Say you have a serious medical emergency right before your trip was due. Travel insurance will help you ensure that you can still take that trip later, by covering the costs. Say you’re enthusiastically packing your bags right as you hear that your destination was struck by a major natural disaster, or your trip is canceled by your tour company. Travel insurance will have your back.

Have you ever had food poisoning while on vacation? Travel insurance will cover your medical expenses in this common scenario, but also if you get into a major accident, break a bone, or come down with a virus. Other common mishaps, like a stolen passport or lost suitcase, can put a real dent in your enjoyment as well as your bank account, unless you have insured yourself.

The bottom line is simple — affordable travel insurance policies are now so easy to come by that you really don’t have an excuse not to protect yourself from much bigger costs in this way.